5. No matarás

5. No matarás

5. You shall not murder

One of the bulls photographed by Viviana Peretti was named Canciller. His life converged in the tension of colombian culture and laws. The fight to death Canciller was carrying on, was defended in courts by many who still give value to colonial traditions, in a country whose population is mostly catholic.

A catholic country that keeps making exceptions to the fifth commandment. After five years of banning, in 2017 colombian constitution allowed a new bullfighting season in Bogota. Despite there is a specific law that punishes any kind of animal abuse, there is a statute that makes an exception with some cultural traditions like cock fights and bullfighting. More than 3000 policemen were protecting Canciller’s death with three security rings around La Santamaría bullring.

During 2017, the clashes over bullfighting abolition have taken place both in the courts and in the streets. After several marches and protests, there was foreseen an anti- bullfighting consultation, so that Bogota’s residents express whether they agree or disagree with this practice in their city, but the district administration canceled it arguing economic and logistical difficulties.

Colombia is one of the eight countries that still celebrate the bullfighting tradition.

 By Ana Cristina Ayala

Viviana Peretti

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